Olivia Newton-John
Olivia Newton-John
     I realize my heart virtue is and has been part of my life all the time.
Denise Williams Denise Williams
     I didn't think it was possible to cut through all of the brain fog of 56 years to the clarity of an authentic Heart Virtue that could shine a light on the rest of my time on this planet. But it was possible. And it did happen. I'm so excited about repeating that for the rest of my life!  
Kevin Holden  Kevin Holden
     I had no idea how driven I was by my heart virtue until I identified it. Then it was like a flashback to every time it was violated. Thank you for helping me to reach such clarity about my life and my purpose.  
David Drozd  David Drozd
     Everyone should discover their Heart Virtue! Thanks Greg! To think my brain was making excuses to not attend, and my heart said this would be what I need. I am glad I listened to my heart.  
Bill Toomey  Bill Toomey - Olympic Gold Medalist
     Greg is a preacher of reality! A good coach should use tools like Greg's to encourage athletes to believe in themselves and their possibilities.  
Fred Segal  Fred Segal
     The Heart Virtue work is a revelation. The inner awareness I have attained through Greg Mooers' work is amazing... more helpful to me that any therapy. It continues to give me goosebumps and has allowed me to embrace who I am.