GregGreg Montana discovered Heart Virtues in 1996. Through his workshops, consulting services, and coaching, Greg empowers the leader inside you to become the master of your career and your relationships and to love your life so much you are too busy to indulge harmful addictions. He has found that once people discover what is most important to them, they can use this knowledge and their inherent talents to increase their productivity and wealth, and create, at will, more fulfilling experiences in life.

Greg Montana has a background in Engineering and Quantum Physics and he was a monk for 8 years. During his years in the monastery, he studied the lives of Heroes like Gandhi, Mother Theresa and Martin Luther King and discovered the formula they all followed that lead to a meaningful and fulfilling life of contribution. Greg Mooers studied quantum physics and created a successful artificial intelligence company and then at the age of 26, he left it all behind to become a monk for 8 years. He has spent more than 15,000 hours in silent meditation, studying the lives of heroes throughout history and creating a program that will introduce you to your hero, living in your chest.

We have trained ten's of thousands of people since 1998 including; Olympic Gold Medallists Emmy, Grammy and Academy Award winners, billionaires -- and our most powerful clients: mothers, fathers, husbands and wives to master their craft and their lives with our 3 step programs.

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Tamara Montana is committed to awakening authentic self-expression through acceptance and uncovering the hidden treasures that lie within all of us.

As a Licensed Psychotherapist and a Heart Virtue Expert, Tamara shows us where we get stuck in relationships and how to transcend the internal prison walls that prevent us from experiencing the intimacy we crave in ourselves and others. For fifteen years she has successfully worked with individual adults, couples and abused children.

Her passion is strengthening divine partnerships and promoting sacred sexuality. Teaching families how to flourish, by establishing a healthy unit, has proven to eliminate the need for extra marital affairs or using children as surrogate spouses.

As a former Professor of Human Sexuality at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa , California thousands of student's report that Mrs. Montana's entertaining style of addressing sensitive, sexual topics has transformed their lives. Tamara is also known as the "sexpert" on international LA Talk Radio every Sunday night. She has also written her first book entitled: Living on the Edge of Goodbye...A Story of Hope, Healing and Encouragement after Betrayal. A guide to leaving in love, knowing love is never gone, but patiently awaits our return. As an inspirational Speaker and Workshop Trainer, Tamara brings to us a wealth of experience in love, loss, ancient wisdom, essence and humor that will no doubt leave you with a new awareness of what is possible in your own life.

Tamara is the founder of Emerald Echo, Inc. and contributing author in Amazon's #1 best seller Law of Business Attraction by Ruby Yeh, which has her story of how her vision for Emerald Echo's World-Class Entertainment and Wellness Resort began. She has just published her third book, a colorfully illustrated story for children of all ages: Emerald Echo, The Story... A Unique Underwater Journey Within that explores Universal Truths of Forgiveness and Freedom. A Course in Miracles made simple for families and likened to a spiritual Harry Potter - go to

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