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What is Your LiFormula: our LiFormula transforms 7 of the experiences we resist in life into gifts that integrate into our vocation (fulfillment of our life's calling).


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What is your LiFormula?

I am committed to____________________ (your Heart Virtue)

Can I tell you a story? (pause for answer) ____________________ (your Pain)

I will not tolerate ____________________! (your Rage)

I am excited about____________________ (your Fear)

I'm taking the risk that you will think I am____________________ (your Tabu)

I am done (hiding behind) (pretending) I'm ____________________ (your Facade)

I will no longer end up____________________ (your Ditch)

The experience I am committed to creating is_______________ (your Vision for your relationships)

BECAUSE I AM COMMITTED TO____________________ (your Heart Virtue)!


Greg Montana's LiFormula is:

I am committed to Spiritual Integrity.

Can I tell you a story, I remember buckled over in bed one morning at 2am sobbing, "There has got to be more to life than this... Lord, either take my life or give me something to live for, because I cannot live like this anymore!"

I will not tolerate mediocrity..

I am excited about taking responsibility for seeing that everyone I meet has clarity and confidence about who they are and why they came to this earth.

I'm taking the risk that you will think I am greedy and arrogant.

I am done pretending I'm the holy monk up on his high horse.

I will no longer end up doing everything alone.

The experience I am committed to creating is to see that 6 billion people have clarity and confidence through knowing their Heart Virtue before I leave this earth.

BECAUSE I AM COMMITTED TO Spiritual Integrity!


Questions to Explore and answer during the LiFormula Process:

What is your most important question regarding your Heart Virtue?
What is the experience you want to create in the next 5 minutes?
What do you most want for the world?
What are you committed to for your sphere (your world)?
What do you most fear?
What single act of courage would make a huge difference in your life right now?

What single powerful request can you make for this teleclass?


Inspiring Videos:

Stacey's Heroism
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Heart Virtue People:
Level 1 = Customers - Purchased products, Read the book
Level 2 = Participants - AuthenTalk Workshop, Telecourse
Level 3 = Heros - Advanced Workshops
Level 4 = Coachs - HVCCP, Path of A Hero
Level 5 = Head Coaches
Level 6 = Heart Virtue Workshop Trainers/Facilitators
Level 7 = Wizards, Mentors, Masters, Gurus, Saviors, etc.